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Firefly Legal is an associate legal services company that serves the Decatur, IL area. We specialize in fast and reliable process service, ultimately meeting your legal support needs.

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About Us:

Firefly Legal is an associate legal services company that was founded in 1996. Since our founding, we have sought to be a partner to clients in a way that fosters relationships and inspires collaboration. We are constantly seeking innovative ways to make our lives, our clients’ lives, and the process serving industry better. We want to guide every assignment and every relationship to a shared success.

We built our reputation on process service and we are leading the industry’s evolution. We are continually seeking to improve our own processes to serve your legal papers. We have developed a number of processes to make Firefly a leading national process serving company. Our intensive training program, our own case management software, and a strict adherence to our core values make Firefly Legal the best choice for a Decatur, IL process server.

Additionally, communication is our strong suit because we don’t view you simply as a client. As we’ve mentioned, you are our partners. We want to keep you in the loop. We offer multiple ways to stay on top of your paper’s status, giving you the choice of how to check the status of the legal papers--from being available at a toll-free phone number to chatting online at our website to scheduling emails.


Process Service: Our trained, educated, and experienced process servers ensure that your documents will be served quickly and correctly. Additionally, they will provide you with up-to-the-minute status updates. When our servers go out with your papers, they have a deep understanding of the law, the papers they carry, and any optional instructions you provide.

Court Filings: Court filers should understand the documents that they carry. It’s important to know where the documents are going and why. Plus, being a little bit smarter means we can work around any potential hang-ups when filing your documents.

Skip Tracing: We utilize a unique pre-skip system to locate a person’s whereabouts. It was developed in-house and has proven to greatly increase our likelihood of finding people and serving successfully on the first attempt.

Why Hire Firefly:

Firefly Legal is an associate legal services company with offices all across Illinois, including here in Decatur. In addition to our Illinois offices, we have a nationwide network of offices and partners to serve your legal papers. We specialize is process service, but we also offer skip trace and court filing as other associate legal services.

Professional process servers are dedicated to serving papers with accuracy and efficiency. Our Decatur process servers go above and beyond clients' expectations to best provide reliable services to Illinois.

Working within Illinois rules and regulations, our service of process is second to none by embracing technology, and progressive and customizable methods. From process serving to court filing, our personal attention and responsive attitude make us the best choice for civil process service.

Firefly is ready to help you and our range of services can help you beyond regular service of process. Put your mind at ease and papers in good hands by hiring us. We are ready to make your life easier, contact us to get started.

Firefly Legal offers legal support services nationwide. Learn more at

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